City of Athens

Athens City Hall Administrative Offices
508 East Tyler Street
Athens, Texas 75751
Phone: (903) 675-5131
Fax: (903) 675-7562

Public Information Requests

The City Secretary is the custodian of all official records of the City of Athens and is responsible for maintaining the City's records management and retention program.

Procedures to request public information:

1.  Mail request or bring request "in person" to:  Bonnie Hambrick
                                                                     City Secretary
                                                                     City of Athens
                                                                     508 East Tyler St.
                                                                     Athens, TX  75751

2.  Fax request to:  Bonnie Hambrick
                             City Secretary
                             (903) 675-7562 

3.  E-mail request to: 


Information to be included in your request:

♦   Provide requestor's name, requestor's address, requestor's telephone number, date of request,
of incident, specific information concerning document in question for which you seek
    information and/or the name of the business or individual of which you are seeking information
    (If you do not have specific information, please explain the facts surrounding your request to
    help us narrow the scope of the search.)

♦   Provide address where you are requesting the information to be mailed.

Charges Associated with Copies of Public Information


The City of Athens has ten (10) business days in which to respond to your request, pursuant to the Public Information Act, Tex. Gov't Code Chapter 522.

While the City of Athens makes every attempt to make most government information available to the public, some exceptions exist.  If an exception might apply and the governmental body wishes to withhold the information, the governmental body must seek an Attorney General ruling.