City of Athens

Athens City Hall Administrative Offices
508 East Tyler Street
Athens, Texas 75751
Phone: (903) 675-5131
Fax: (903) 675-7562

Public Health & Safety

Development Services Center

622 South Prairieville

Athens, Texas 75751

Phone: 903-677-6616

Fax: 903-220-0935

Code Enforcement Coordinator:  Sheila Garrett

Department Purpose:

The Public Heath & Safety Department provides for a medical doctor to aid in the review of any threats to public health and to coordinate any activities required to abate said threats. The Health and Safety Program has been established to provide an efficient and effective response to the problem of un-maintained vacant lots within the City. This department also provides the citizens of Athens with a Community Collection Site for the disposal of brush and other debris. 

Departmental Objectives:

   ♦  To receive complaints, initiate, enforce, monitor and provide site support for the clearing/cleaning
       of unattended lots within the City.

   ♦  To provide for a medical doctor who will, when necessary:

           - Aid in review of any threats to public health.
           - Coordinate any activities required to abate public health threats.
           - Act as advisor to the Inspection Department, Police Department and the Fire Department in
             their efforts to abate threats to public health.

The Public Health & Safety Department is office is also responsible for:

   ♦  Community Collection Site

   ♦  Nuisances:  Overgrown Grass/Weeds, 
                         Junked Vehicles, Etc.

   ♦  Streetlight Outage Reporting

   ♦  Substandard Buildings/Housing