City of Athens

Athens City Hall Administrative Offices
508 East Tyler Street
Athens, Texas 75751
Phone: (903) 675-5131
Fax: (903) 675-7562

Planning & Development

Development Services
622 South Prairieville
Athens, Texas 75751

Phone: (903) 677-6615 
Fax: (903) 220-0935


Department Purpose:

The Planning & Development Department has as its primary functions the performance of inspections and issuance of permits to insure compliance with City Ordinances as pertaining to construction, substandard structures and code violations. The department also responds to zoning and building variance requests.

Departmental Objectives:

   ♦ To inspect all new and remodeled construction to provide for safety and aesthetic qualities.
   ♦ To respond to all code violation complaints.
   ♦ To work with the Fire Department concerning substandard structure violations.
   ♦ Perform necessary research to prepare management and City Council for zoning and building

The Planning & Development Department is also responsible for:

   ♦ Building Codes

   ♦ Certificate of Occupancy

   ♦ Inspections & Permits -   Commercial Permit Application      Residential Permit Application

   ♦  Subdivision Requirements

   ♦ Zoning
Zoning Application

         Plat Application
Zoning Ordinance

         Zoning Map (may take 1-2 minutes to load)
         Boundary and ETJ Map

         Future Land Use Map (FLUM)

         TxDOT Traffic Counts (Map)

            ♦ Zoning Board of Adjustments
         ZBA Application
         Zoning Ordinance