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Parks Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Board shall act only in an advisory capacity to the City Council and the City Manager, in the acquisition, development, improvement and maintenance of all parks and public playgrounds owned or controlled by the City within and without the corporate limits. It shall be the duty of the board, subject to such an organization and activities set up as the board may itself determine, within its own organization, to advise the City Manager and City Council concerning the future development of the public parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities to the City, to study and recommend the purchase of additional land and sites therefore, and further to advise the City Council concerning improvements in the maintenance, operation and general welfare of the public parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities, and the use of the same by the public. Within reference to the development of any new parks and playgrounds, it shall be the duty of the parks and recreation board to outline the general plan of development, including landscaping, roads, trails, buildings and equipment, which plans shall be submitted to the department of public works for detail development, and such plans shall then be submitted to the City Council for adoption or change as may be advisable.

The Parks Board meets on an as needed basis.

Board Members


Name Term
Chris Tinsley/Place 1 2016-2018
Hugh Armstrong/Place 2 2017-2019
Andrea Copeland/Place 3 2016-2018
Bob Morton/Place 4 2016-2018
Justin Boswell/Place 5 2016-2018
Clyde Bowman, Sr./Place 1 2017-2019
Jay Eckert/Place 2 2017-2019


Members serve two (2) year terms, with terms expiring January 1.