City of Athens

Athens City Hall Administrative Offices
508 East Tyler Street
Athens, Texas 75751
Phone: (903) 675-5131
Fax: (903) 675-7562

City Secretary

Athens City Hall
508 East Tyler St.

Athens, Texas 75751
Phone:  (903) 675-5131
Fax:  (903) 675-7562

City Secretary:   Bonnie Hambrick


 Department Purpose:

The office of the City Secretary is responsible for the preparation, safeguard and access of official records and documents for the City. The City Secretary also conducts City elections. 

Departmental Objectives:

   ♦  To conduct all City elections.
   ♦  To prepare, post and advertise notices of official meetings as legally required.
   ♦  To record the minutes of all official meetings.
   ♦  To coordinate grant applications.

The City Secretary is a statutory position required by State Law and the City Charter.  The City Secretary is appointed by the City Administrator with the approval of a majority vote of the full City Council.

The City Secretary serves as the Chief Election Official and Early Voting Clerk for the City of Athens. 

The City Secretary is the Official Records Management Officer of the City of Athens.

The City Secretary’s office is also responsible for:

   ♦ Agendas & Minutes


   ♦ Boards & Commissions

   ♦ Code of Ordinances

   ♦ Conflict Disclosure Reports/Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Reports

   Election Information

   ♦ Forms & Applications

   ♦ Public Information Requests

   ♦ Council Rules and Procedures

   ♦ Zoning Ordinance