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Airport Advisory Board


The Airport Advisory Board is composed of five (5) members. The Airport Advisory Board shall have a presiding Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The Airport Advisory Board shall from time to time make such general studies of Airport construction and operation as may be useful in keeping the Municipal Airport efficient and adequate to the needs of the City and of the air transportation industry; it shall make recommendation to the City Council in respect to construction, expansion, improvements, maintenance and operation of such Airport. It shall call the Airport Manager's attention to any failure by personnel of the Airport to carry out any orders or policies adopted by the City Council; and shall, acting in an advisory capacity, work toward the general improvements of the Airport and the advancement of the City as an air transportation center.

The Airport Advisory Board meets on an as needed basis on the first (1st) Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the conference room of the Development Services Center, 622 S. Prairieville St., Athens, Texas.

Board Members




Charlie Tidmore

Chairman/Place 1


Steve Grant/Place 2 


Sheri Robson/Place 3


Larry Babb/ Place 4


John Cain/Place 5



Members serve two (2) year terms, with terms expiring January 1.

(For additional information, please see Athens Municipal Airport)